Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sac-Anime August 2009 Preview: Cosplay

This is part two of a preview of what will be offered at the summer edition of Sac-Anime.

Tuesday: Console Gaming Room
Wednesday (Today): Cosplay
Thursday: Guests of Honor and Bands In-Depth
Friday: Final Pre-Impressions and Last Minute Tips

Today, we will be focusing on cosplay, both the Masquerade and "Hallway" cosplay.

What makes this cosplay staff unique (especially the ones who run the Masquerade) is that they all have years upon years of experience. From Imari Chan, the head of the Cosplay Masquerade, all the way down the line, these group of staffers know what they're doing when it comes to cosplay. From Fanime to AX to Comic-Con, they've done it all.

The Cosplay Masquerade will take place Saturday night at 6PM in the Panel Room. If you wish to sign up, the deadline to sign up is at 1PM. A full list of instructions can be found here.

On Sunday, they also be hosting a Cosplay Fashion Show on Sunday at 1PM in the Panel Room. If you've seen what I posted when they did this back in August of '08 you probably know what's coming.

Speaking of cosplay, of course people are going to be cosplaying this weekend, including myself. There will be also be gatherings going on throughout the con, however I don't have a complete list with me at the moment. If I can get a hold of some sort of official list, I will post it.

I've been mentioning before that this con is taking place at the Radisson hotel. From what I've seen, it's a wide-open hotel with a lake in the middle and perfect opportunities to do photoshoots. I can't wait to use some of the scenery to take a couple of pictures.

Up next: Guests of Honor In-Depth.

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