Friday, August 28, 2009

Sac-Anime August 2009 Preview: Final Pre-Impressions and Last Minute Tips

This is the final part of a preview of what will be offered at the summer edition of Sac-Anime.

Tuesday: Console Gaming Room
Wednesday: Cosplay
Thursday: Guests of Honor and Bands In-Depth
Friday (Today): Final Pre-Impressions and Last Minute Tips

With Sac-Anime tomorrow, I do offer last minute tips.
  • Do get a lot of liquids in your system during the con, preferably water or Gatorade - it's going to be hot on both days of the con, and hot temps + layers of cosplay clothing = not a good thing. Be vary of sugar crashes if you do decide to drink soda and/or energy drinks.
  • Have a backup plan: make sure you carry extra of everything especially money, supplies to fix your cosplay in case of breakage, food, and clothes.
  • Use your hotel room often. Take a break, grab some ice cold water from the cooler in your room, refresh yourself. I also suggest a 20 minute power nap when you feel tired - don't worry, you won't miss anything.
  • Know someone who has a car - you might save yourself money when it comes to buying food.
  • Use protection when needed - sunscreen know...for that...moment... (BTW, I didn't put that last part in, someone else to me to. Seriously.)
  • And finally, kick back, relax, and have fun. Enjoy this con and what Sacramento has to offer.
This con really looks promising from top to bottom. The location is beautiful, the staff is ready to shoulder the workload, and everyone is ready to go.

With that said, I will see you all tomorrow at Sac-Anime or today at Day Zero if I do decide to stop by!

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