Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anime Cons and the Economy

With school underway, I begin my journey to an Economics degree at Sac State.
Besides working with the notion that our generation of economists will oversee the future after this depression, I think I can bring that knowledge to both people who run conventions and the people who attend them.
I'll bet you that a lot of people are wondering "Why hasn't K-ON! been licensed in the States?" or "Why is Viz putting all their effort into Bleach and Naruto?" The majority of the anime industry can be described through economics, and one of my dreams is to travel the cons talking to attendees on why things are in the industry - of course, in simple terms because some economic concepts can be hard to grasp.
But I can't get to that until I graduate...in two-three years.

Anyways, I'll be posting the Sac-Anime Summer 2009 Review tomorrow, and hopefully the interview with Akai SKY before the end of the week.

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