Thursday, September 3, 2009

History of the Carrot Juice Tournament

My review of Sac-Anime Summer 2009 is coming soon, but before we get to that, a bit of back history because we're going to need it.

Back before Sac-Anime Winter 2007, BSaphire announced that there would be unique, late-night video game tournament involving Carrot Juice.

This is from the game Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Nintendo Wii. The mini-game works like this: with the Wiimote you aim at the Rabbids that are trying to attack you and with the nun-chuck you go up and down pumping carrot juice into the goggles of the Rabbids to knock them off. The reason why this mini-game is so funny is that the motion that you make with the nun-chuck is the same motion that you use know...THAT.

With that announcement, everyone started to train, and when the time came everyone was ready to go. Me, Jonas, Robert, Bart, and a couple of others who I forgot competed. Robert went up first and established the 2'18" mark - a mark that hasn't been contested since this started. Of course, Robert won and was knighted "King of the Carrot Juice." Jonas came in second, and everyone was surprised when they found out that I came in 3rd place.

So far there has only been one...until Sac-Anime Summer 2009.


  1. It was Sac-Anime Winter 2007, but yes, the rest is all true.

  2. Just for clarification, it was Winter 2008. The TBAGRs didn't form til July 2007 and the Carrot Juice idea didn't kick in until the leaked Carrot Juice video in April 2007, which for some odd reason was demonstrated in July 2007's SacAnime.


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