Friday, September 4, 2009

Sac-Anime Summer 2009 Report - Sunday

The cool thing about the "Express Yourself" option is that there's no hassle with the front desk. No check-in, no check-out. All I had to do was get everyone cleared out by 12pm, and I had everything packed in my car around 8:30am. This gave me enough time to go to Starbucks for breakfast and be back in time to get the parking near the front so that I don't have to walk far when I decide to go home.

Again, nothing really happening so I decide to chill out (again) in the console gaming room playing more Rock Band and a bunch of Touhou-style side-scrolling shooters out of Japan which were really cool. I'm surprised that they had those type of games released out for the 360 and the Wii, especially the 360.

Another benefit to staying at the hotel was that there was a private autograph session with a limited-edition lithograph. I was able to see everyone again as well as Karen Dyer, a Sunday-only visit. More autographs and networking abound.

Shortly after that, I head over to the Dealers Room to buy the items I need for the Sunday Twitter Giveaway. I buy a Saber plushie (from Fate/Stay Night) and 5 boxes of pocky to give away. Half an hour later, Ramon shows the tweet and wins the grab bag. Keep in mind that this is the first thing I've bought at the Dealers Hall, and I'm not counting this because I'm not taking this home.

I finally get to hook up with Tom Tonthat from Travel Valentine around 12:30pm. He and his crew decided to watch the Cosplay Fashion Show, and somehow I forgot to bring my camera with me. It was a good showing especially the Ponyo group -

- now, at this point I would post "Ponyo on a Boat" for comparison but Studio Ghibli took it down...on YouTube.

There's also a moment where I interact with the hostess of the Fashion Show -

(12 seconds in) When she goes "Does anyone know what it is?" there's a pause where she looks down and then she goes "BlazBlue! Very good!" That was me telling her the answer. Also, *insert Jin ice car joke here*

Finally, I get something to eat for lunch with Tom and company. We went to Extreme Pizza for an afternoon meal and reflect on that's coming next on the horizon for us con-goers.

By 3pm, the con seems to be winding down...or I think it is. It's still a packed house, and I was told that people were still buying badges, probably for the Resident Evil panel that went down a bit earlier. At this point, there's a bunch of video game tournaments going down, one of them BlazBlue. Since I have a liking for BlazBlue even though I completely suck at fighting games, I decide to watch the tournament alongside the SF3: Third Strike and Halo 3 2 vs. 2 that was going on.

Two hours before the con closes, and I really really really want to buy something before they all take down shop for the con. The only thing I do buy is a mini-card commission of Chihiro from Persona 3; ironically I'm cosplaying from Persona 3 as well.

Soon everything would be almost done, and with Sac State in my mind I call it a con and go home. Usually I would stick around and see were the staffers were going to go eat since they enjoy my company, but with all the equipment they needed to haul back on top of reflecting on what happened during the weekend I gave everyone, including myself, space. Maybe another time.

I still have one more part - the overall reflections of the con.

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