Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interview with Akai SKY

I conducted this interview during sound checks on Saturday before they performed that afternoon.

Me: So what was your first performance like back at the Scottish Rite Center in July of 2006?
Umi: was fun, I think, I mean definitely that was our first was my first time in Sacramento, it's just cool to be in another city.
Hayashi: I think we were the first band to play at Sac-Anime.
Me: I think so.
Hayashi: Yeah, because that started a trend of having the bands come and play here, which is a great venue by the way, Sac's always been good to us.
Me: My second question is do you like the move to the Radisson? I mean look at this beautiful place!
Umi: We just got here a little while ago, obviously we haven't been here before but the stage is really awesome-
Hayashi: The Grove is awesome...[we've also played] at the Scottish Rite Center before and the other hotel but this is great. There's a lot of people here.
Me: What's the one thing you like about Sac-Anime?
Umi: Um...
Hayashi: The water.
*both laugh*
Umi: Yeah. Definitely I think the people. I've been walking around the halls and people are like "Oh my gosh, you're," so, um...they're very warm.
Hayashi: The kids already listen to a lot of music, no matter what it is. I think there's also a level of professionalism here at this con. We knew that Chris was coming to do sound again, we really loved working with him last time.
Me: My final question is the future plans for Akai SKY in terms of tour dates and event locations?
Hayashi: Our very next gig is actually next weekend during Labor Day in Las Vegas. We'll be playing with Halko Momoi [and a couple of other bands that we know], so it'll be good to play with them.
Me: Well thank you for your time.
All: Thank you.

I know that somewhere in the interview Ryuusei had a say in the interview, and Jinra was "mute" the whole entire time.

Thanks to Akai SKY for taking time out in their preparation to do the the interview with me!

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