Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Hotel Troubles: Radisson/Woodlake

Some of you might have noticed, in my recent reviews and comments, that I've been having a little trouble with the hotel at Sac Anime. I thought I'd share my story, so you can hear exactly what happened, and why they're trying to rip me off a good $150.

It was shortly after last Sac Anime Summer, when I received my credit card bill. Glancing over it, I noticed an additional charge from the Sacramento Radisson for $150. Confused, I called to discover what the cause was. The person at the front desk suggested, "Maybe it's a cleaning fee. Did anyone smoke in your room?"

Well, no, nobody smoked in my room. No one who spent any time there was even a smoker. In fact, one of the people I was rooming with has asthma, so smoking is definitely out of the question. We were also sure to clean up after ourselves, so any sort of cleaning fee would be ridiculous.

I was told they'd leave a message for someone and get back to me. A day or so passed with no response, so I tried calling again.

This time, I was directed to the proper person…'s answering machine. So once more, I left a message, and never heard back.

After a few more tries of this, I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with the Radisson. So I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute, explaining that the charges were unexplained and uncalled for. They temporarily reversed the charges while they investigated, and I thought that was the end of that.

I was wrong.

Just recently, after returning from this Sac Anime Winter, I received an e-mail from the credit card company. They said that the Radisson claimed we were smoking in the room, thus violating the No Party Policy, which gave them the right to charge us up to $150. They told me I had three days to provide proof that smoking didn't happen, or else they'd deem the Radisson's charge legitimate and take my money again.

Now, how exactly was I supposed to prove that smoking didn't happen? It's next to impossible to prove a negative like that. In fact, why should I be the one to have to prove it? There was no smoking, so the Radisson had no proof to their claims. If they smelled it, it could have easily been from another room, or just someone passing by, but there was no proof that any of us had smoked, because none of us did.

Still, I asked my friends who had spent any time in the room to give me their word that they did not smoke. All of them complied. I sent that to the credit card company, along with a note explaining that a roommate had asthma, and hoped that would be enough.

I have yet to hear back from them.

Meanwhile, I tried bringing my issue up with the Radisson once again. After tweeting about it, @Radisson got back to me, and said that the hotel in question was no longer part of their chain and had changed their name, so Radisson is unrelated to this situation. Fine, that's fair enough, the hotel had changed its name to the Woodlake Hotel. Still, I was given these charges while it was still the Radisson, so they should at least have SOME records. I've begun tweeting to the Woodlake, but I have yet to hear back from them.

So here's where I stand. I have no idea who has my money right now, but it's rightfully mine. The Radisson/Woodlake is lying and trying to take money that I can't afford to lose on charges that never happened. This has left me most upset, as you can imagine, but my cries for justice and explanations seem to have gone unheeded.

That's why I need all of you who are reading this article to help me out. Comment about any bad experiences you've had with the Sacramento Radisson/Woodlake Hotel - I know I'm not the only one, I've heard horror stories from plenty of people. Post this wherever you can; Facebook it, tweet about it, share it with your friends, just please, help get the word out. They can't go on treating their customers like this, and they cannot get away with lying and stealing from their customers. Let's do what we can to make this right.


  1. how about the whole cafe hosi thing that happend with the vip.

    1. Don't worry, that'll be explained in my review coming up this weekend.

  2. Ugh I am so sorry to hear this. It probably was someone smoking nearby, but even so. It should be them proving to you that you were smoking in the room, not vice versa 'cause how CAN you prove that?

    I know last winter con or the one before they charged us twice which for whatever reason that included another heavy deposit fee which put one of the cards over the spending limit, then locked us out of our rooms because of that, and they didn't bother notifying us that the card was declined because of the limit of their overcharging--just simply locked us out of our rooms late at night.

    It took hours to get it straightened out face to face. Ridiculous.

  3. Sorry to hear about your problem with the Radisson. One of my cosplay groupmates had a problem the last sac winter. They overcharged him in terms of room and deposits so it put his card at the spending limit. Because of that, they locked people out of the room, and didn't even notify him of the decline. He found out late at night trying to get into his room, but was locked out. It took hours to set things straight face to face. At first, they only charged him what needed to be charged. I don't know why they did it AGAIN a day AFTER.

    I do hope your ordeal is sorted out soon! Though, the Radisson shouldn't brush you off like that. It was their hotel when they charged you right? So they should still resolve THAT issue regardless if the hotel changed.


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