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SacAnime Winter 2012 Report: Part 2 - Friday (Day One)

The best way to start out at a SacAnime is a good breakfast at Jim-Denny's around 7am because the night before I realized that there were events going on and I wanted some good early parking even if I was staying over at the hotel.

#7 Katie's "Just Right" Breakfast

Since usually I have nothing to cover at 8am in the morning on the first day of the convention, I just wander the halls capturing some early photos of cosplayers and the empty hallways.

Yoruichi from Bleach.
The most busiest corridor of the convention empty on the morning of Day One.
"Early bird" registration
People lining up for Vic Mignogna's first panel at 12pm at 10:30am.
Before I knew it, it was already 11am, and the first event of the convention was underway: Cafe Hoshi's first ever show for Winter 2012.

It's Cafe Hoshi time!
The ladies of Cafe Hoshi posing for a photo.
Look at all this food!
I sat in for the entire session despite wanting to peel off to cover Vic's panel, but I was enjoyed by all the games and dancing that I experienced the last time I was here.

One of the games at Cafe Hoshi. It looks really difficult!
Even though it was a small crowd, it allowed for Cafe Hoshi to relax and get the jitters out of their first show before moving on to the packed houses for the rest of the convention.

Back outside, Mike and his Club Rave crew were setting up outside for their first day.

The registration line getting longer, and this is only Friday.
Eventually I do find myself at the Vic Mignogna panel, taking a couple of shots.

Of course, the one place I have to check out is the Console Gaming Room, and despite the rooms not being set up it didn't stop the dancing from starting.

I drifted around the convention checking out the Dealers Hall, autographs, and Club Rave before realizing that I need to rendezvous with my room.

I was first in my room and I got everything established in. I also tried to boot up some mobile hotspots, but my phone decided to not work that weekend. For the most part, my laptop would serve as a dumping ground for my photos and videos as well as my master notes from the weekend. I also ran into Ray, my press partner. I was able to brief him for a bit and gave him his press badge.

Back at the convention, I got into the Soul Eater Q&A Panel which Robbie was a part of.

Outside, I caught my first glimpse of Quinton Flynn, who I know as Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid franchise but also had roles in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts 2.

As the convention got busier, the cosplayers rolled on as well.

Renton and Eureka from Eureka seveN.
Sebastian and Grell from Black Butler.
Zoidberg and Fry from Futurama alongside a Red Scout from Team Fortress 2.
Capturing a photo shoot of two maids from Cafe Hoshi.
I wanted to get some to eat early before the concerts, so I went off convention grounds to Tacos Del Mar. I ordered a plate for $5 since it was after 5pm, a good steal for a hungry attendee.

Back at the convention, some weird circumstances allowed me to guest DJ for Club Rave for an hour or so. I've always wanted to spin the turntables and mix music, and Mike allowed me to do so for a weekend. Think of it as a promotion for his group.

After DJing, I head on over to the concert, where they're setting up. During some pre-checks for the concert, some ladies ask me to troubleshoot their lens. I get their lens to work, and I had the chance to work with some aftermarket lenses that I wish I had.

I also captured some of the sound checks by both groups, Kazha and Lemon Drop Kick.

Show time!

After the concert, there was two things left to do: go take more photos, and play some Cosplay Poker. For someone who hasn't played Cosplay Poker, or any type of poker, for awhile, placing third is a good achievement for me. After that, it was off to sleep to prepare for what I call "Big Saturday."

-Friday (Day One) End-

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