Monday, January 23, 2012

SacAnime Winter 2012 Report: Part 4 - Sunday (Day Three)

Like all last days of conventions, my first priority is clearing out my portion of the room and ensuring that the room is clear. Despite only getting four hours of sleep, I was up an hour before the VIP autograph session would take place and in under half an hour, I was able to clear out my portion of the room and pack everything in the car leaving myself to check on the room often between now and check-out. I didn't feel like driving to Starbucks again, so I settled on a bagel with cream cheese alongside some A.M. Gatorade.

Like the last VIP autograph session, my plan was to stick out the entire VIP session then squeeze in at the end before the general autograph session commenced. This allowed me time to check out the Homestuck and Samurai Senshi panels as well as checking out and making sure that the room was clean.

Troy Baker walking to the autograph table with Starbucks in hand.
Homestuck Panel
Samurai Senshi Panel
Eventually I found out where the end of the VIP line was and got at the end, hoping that they would all the VIPs in before an 11am break. Unfortunately, the guests of honor took their 11am break with me still in line, so for once I had to wait in line for an hour, something I haven't done in such a long time. During this time, Troy Baker and Ali Hillis took off to catch their flight, but I was able to squeeze out an autograph for his role in Persona 4.

Add Troy Baker to that autographed box
By the time I got to the autograph table, it was way past 12pm, very much late for the Touhou Gathering. But it was worth it for Vic Mignogna to sign my Junpei Starbucks cup.

With the Touhou Gathering already over once I had arrived, I decided to spend even more time with Cafe Hoshi fresh off that disaster last night. Despite what had happened, the events went on with happy smiles, and I was able to film more Cafe Hoshi in this extended video that I took.

A panorama of Cafe Hoshi at work on Day Three.
One event that I covered on Sunday was one of the Trading Card Game Room's Tournaments, which is always a staple within the SacAnime/SacCon community.

Over at the Console Gaming Room, more people are dancing to the beat and playing classic arcade games.

Back outside, the BAC Gathering is about to start. Since the CCB and BAC are partners, I decided to give Robbie a helping hand. But with the low turnout and short attention spans, the gathering quickly got out of hand and once you lose them, you lose them. In essence, it was a flop.

With the BAC Gathering coming to a short halt, I find myself DJing once again for Mike and Club Rave for about an hour, rounding my guest DJ weekend in hopes of getting his organization off the ground. Thank you once again to Mike and Club Rave for allowing me to guest DJ for SacAnime Winter 2012 and I wish you the best of luck for you and your group for the future!

I keep forgetting that Closing Ceremonies rarely starts on time, so I caught the last segment of the last VA Q&A Panel instead.

Going into Closing Ceremonies, the rumor mill was working at maximum capacity, and during this time everything was answered. I was also able to voice my opinion on the Swap Meet, which felt like a fire hazard even on a Friday night.

The rest of the convention I was trying to get instant reaction, which most knew that the move was for certain, and saying my last good-byes to those who I knew the most. With myself burnt out, I made a quick stop to Arron Brothers to take advantage of some sales, then it was off to Great Wall BBQ off of Howe for a solitude all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ dinner before making the trek back home.

-Sunday (Day Three) & SacAnime Winter 2012 End-

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