Monday, June 4, 2007

Ah, the memories...

This was back at Sac-Anime in 2005 when it was at the Sunrise Mall (and the only time it would be at the Sunrise Mall). I had come on my own using the Nissan Stanza I used to have (now I have a 98 Eclipse that I have to drive around in) to my first Sac-Anime convention. (Remember, I was only introduced to these Sacramento Conventions a few months back.) All I have from that convention are memories, pictures that are still on the hard drive of the desktop computer in my house, and these two videos that I took...

Yes, that is the famed "Coconut Song," and yes I did record that.

I also do remember meeting Bart Boy there for the first time. I sat front and center during the Cosplay Contest, and I sat next to him. I remember him going far into the mall just to get batteries when he could of gone somewhere close. I also have fond memories of seeing my grandma there (who was shocked to see me there) and the fact I didn't stand in line at Sbarro when everyone else was standing in line at Taco Bell next door.

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