Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fanime aftermath, about a week later

Well, it's been a week since Fanime has passed over us (well, not really). The days after Fanime, life became normal again - doing stuff my parents asked me to do, going to work, planning for Sac-Anime in July. But one difference is my room. I took down all the bootleg wallscrolls in favor of a new, legit Bleach wallpaper, a Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya promo poster (and a $25 poster frame from Arron Brothers), and my sword wall mount that is supposed to be comming in Tuesday. Right when I got home Monday, I ordered one online, but after finding out I had another one that I bought awhile back, I canceled the order in favor of a 3-rack mount. Now, all I need to do is buy me one more katana to complete the collection...maybe a reverse-blade sword.

I also found myself (as mentioned before) scanning YouTube for Fanime videos. I've found a few that contain me, yet I'm still looking for one of my karaoke contest performance. A special thanks goes out to American Cosplay Paradise for getting all the Cosplay Masquerade skits online and very quickly - about 24 hours after the event. I've also been a frequent visitor to the Fanime Forums, posting about how much of a good time I had, and what I plan to do next year.

As I also mentioned before, I do plan to volunteer next year at Fanime. I said staff first, but someone close to me told me not to. But hey, I got the rest of the year to ponder on this.

I'm not considering this blog closed just yet, because you have to remember (like I also mentioned), it's only been a week since Fanime ended. Everyone is still getting all their pics, vids, and reports up (my photo-shoot just appeared on today, I think). It probably won't be for awhile before this blog will be closed. As for Fanime '08 blog, like I said, I got the rest of this year to ponder this.

Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going back to the Forums...

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