Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Speaking of that farewell...

Yeah, look what I found...thank god for YouTube

...but what I did haunted me for awhile. I had bought a card for Francine to give her after the cosplay show. But throughout that day, I had plans to say that my card also included a flight to Japan. It would serve as a joke since me and Francine are really close as friends/partners. But when I said it, I got such a negative vibe that I felt really bad until the March show. By then, I had decided that I would have to get her something. So I dug through the archives, got two photos from Sac-Anime in the winter of 2006 (when she was cosplaying as Robin from Witch Hunter Robin, and we had all stormed the stage to get a hold of the mic), printed those, signed them, framed them, and gave them to Francine. After I had gave her that gift, I felt so relieved. I do see her around though, but instead of cosplaying she's doing something for a website as part of her job (I remember her telling me that, but that was back in March).

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