Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily Life of the OHSSS Director

So, a typical day of the OHSSS Director looks like this:

I get to Ouran High School about 7:30AM. At 8:00AM, I call a daily briefing to talk to my staff about any events that are going on in the school, events that are occuring in the surrounding community that we should pay attention to, and to look over new and old intelligence documents provided by the school, a team of intelligence officers for the OHSSS, the Ootori Private Police Force, and sometimes the Japanese Government.

Once the briefing ends, everyone is dismissed and are sent to their posts. Since the Host Club isn't open yet in the early mornings (and there have been exemptions), I usually talk to Yuzuru to discuss the major points of the briefing. Usually he gives me something to look at either in the time I have today or at tomorrow's briefing. Now usually I don't get to talk to Yoshio all that often, but sometimes he will find me throughout the day with news, documents, or thanks.

By then, I'd come back to the OHSSS command post located in the southwest corner of the campus to take a breather or grab something to eat.

Once the Host Club opens or the Host Club has gathered, I immedately head over to the Third Music Room to observe and protect. I get questions of "Are you part of the Host Club?" from the patrons that visit the Host Club. For the most part, I've said "No, I'm just observing here." But a couple of times I've said yes, and I've had a couple of girls latch on to me for a minute or two with a quick glance of "I want to designate you! But you're not part of the Host Club." Kyoya has thought of putting me as an Honary Host so that I can easily blend in, but he hasn't come up with a set plan.

Unless there is a event going on at night, I'm back in the OHSSS command post with the Deputy Director, Chief of Intelligence, and a couple of key members for a evening debrief. Then it's off to home as the graveyard crew comes into the command post.

And that's about it...

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