Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sac-Con, June 2007

I just got back from eating dinner over at Arigato Sushi off of Howe Ave. I must say, they have some tasty sushi rolls for 50% off, and it was a well-deserved meal after my hard work at Sac-Con today. It all started when I woke up and got there about 8:30ish and was briefed about the new rules which included new peacebonding guidelines. Apparently, the new peacebonding rules (and all the other new rules) for today's con will apply to Sac-Anime in July, as well as other processes in preperation and to get a glimpse into how the July show will be run. For the most part, I did peacebonding (many of the staffers call me the master of peacebonding) and I did more than I had done back in the January show (which was the first time I did peacebonding).

Either than that, I just hanged around and talked and had some fun! I took part in the cosplay contest just to tell a short story and get a few poses in. I also got a few poses in with other photographers so I will be posting those whenever they come out. I had a different element with me, as now I had my twin USP pistols, posing as the head of the Ouran High School Undercover Security Force. More details about my character will be upcoming for Sac-Anime. Some people told me that I could be Mori, but Mori is tall and I'm still short...but they say I do have the looks, so I'll look into that.

Here is my (short) haul from this con:

- Shippo plushie ($7.50)
- Bun-bun plushie ($5)
- Shaq bobblehead doll (from his Laker Days) ($1)
- Gundam Seed model kit ($10)
- Naruto knives ($4)

I still have about half my money that I took out this morning (that also included an Arby's lunch and the dinner over at Arigato Sushi). That's good for me.

My countdown timer to Sac-Anime says 32 days, and I can't freakin wait!!!

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