Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hey, I found myself in a Fanime YouTube video!

About 56 seconds in, you see someone in a blue jacket carrying a bunch of stuff, then right at the 59 second mark you see someone walk past the camera...that was me. Now I'm assuming that this was after I had done the karaoke contest, ate with Shiro at the Maid Cafe, and I had picked up everything (which was a Saturday) because the person who took the video was walking East from the Hilton side to the Marriot side, and I was going to the Hilton side from the Dealers Room so that I can go across the street to the hotel I was staying at, the Crowne Plaza.


On a somewhat related topic, I'm finding myself looking on YouTube every day for new Fanime videos...hey, it takes awhile for everyone to get everything (reports, pics, vids) up. You have to remember, this con happened a week ago.

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