Friday, June 22, 2007

As Sac-Anime inches closer...

My countdown timer on iGoogle is at 20 days. Yes, 20 days until Sac-Anime. That building of anticipation of going to a con is going back up again, and it's a con that's in my backyard - Sacramento.

My plans in preparation for Sac-Anime? Well for one, working. I still have two paychecks before Sac-Anime (and one after that) so I will try to squeeze in hours next week and the week after. I worked a lot of hours the past pay period, so I should get a monster paycheck with the raise I got. I'm still paying off my credit card from the food from Fanime and a couple of things I bought just recently (a car wash and a gun case for my airsoft pistols) and I plan to pay those off with then next paycheck.

I also plan to get my Ouran uniform dry cleaned the week of Sac-Anime. I hope the folks at Swansons next door from Quiznos can hook me up with a discount.

Either than that, it's saving up, working hard, and then staying up-to-date via website and boards.

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