Friday, September 5, 2008

Con Report: Friday

As a week passes since Sac-Anime, I finally got my report together.

Over the next three days, starting today, I will be posting the Con Report.

Day 1

Honestly, it was weird that I started off the day of Sac-Anime with school. It also reminded me that August was almost over and that soon I would grinding once again in the Community College circuit. Might as well take these three days to finish off the summer (although technically summer ended for me on the 25th).

After getting home and grabbing what I needed, mostly my multimedia equipment that I would use, I headed off to the Scottish Rite Center about 12pm, grabbing some lunch on the way over. Unlike Saturday, there were a small amount of attendees gathered but most staff members had already arrived. I hung around the Cosplay Masquerade table, catching up on life and seeing that their plans were for the weekend. I also went into the Game Room as they were calaborating their tools for the weekend; they needed someone to finish of the band in Rock Band, so I did. Once I got my press badge I was off to take pictures. My first panel was the Con Ettiquette panel @ 1:45pm. Since the majority of the intended audience - the younger set - were still in school, not that many people attended. Still, it was a really nice panel and I even shared some stories. This panel would one of many that I would grab on tape, wanting to upload these ASAP, although it will take me awhile to capture, edit, export, and upload.

By then, the con had crowded a bit. School was out for Labor Day by late afternoon, and I decided to take a spin around the Dealers Room. It was pretty much the same dealers dealing the same items. Mostly I was looking for items that I couldn't find at Fanime, especially a Misato figure from the new Eva movies that I was looking for the last con. I also grab dinner while waiting out for the "Dub Your Own Anime" panel to start at 6pm, and got my game on over in the Gaming Room.

By far this panel was the highlight of Day 1, well next to the Rave but I'll get to that later. It was packed house for what would be a entertaining panel of sorts. What even made the panel more interesting is that the anime had some Yuri/Hentai undertones...seriously. All the attendees that went up did a fine job, but the icing on the cake goes to Crispin Freeman, who was just a specator on the sidelines, dubbed a waitress in two different tones. The scene played back, and it sounded fantastic. I did also capture video on that especially the playback, although both Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel warned me that I would indeed get a takedown notice from the anime company if I had put that playback on YouTube. But I did promise the attendees that I would, and now that video is up.

The panel ended before 8pm, leaving me to cover the rave. Now, if you there both Friday and Saturday night, you would agree that the Saturday rave was much better than the Friday rave. I'll get into more detail in Day 2, but given I didn't have much to do, I got some video and pictures from that night, along with more "What's going on at the con" pictures and Spike Spencer doing his panel which started at 8pm. And whenever I came in to take pictures, he would stop and pose for me, creating some funny moments.

Usually I leave the con early on Friday, given there's nothing to do after 11ish. So what did I do? I left around 11:30pm. That gave me enough time to upload my Day 1 recap, get everything situated for tomorrow, then sleep.

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