Sunday, September 7, 2008

Con Report: Sunday

Day 3

The first thing I notice is that unlike Saturday, the line for Sunday is pretty much dead. I was guessing everyone was still hung over from yesterday and the only ones who would attend would be the weekend attendees.

Still, there was some business to take care of. I sat in Jodon Bellofatto's panel, titled "You Not Your Own Anime Character," which basically was a crash course in con etiquette in general, because there are far more cons out there than just this one, and people need to know how to conduct themselves especially when large-scale hotels and convention centers come into play. One story that I remember was that a couple of attendees who thought they were re-enacting DBZ put a hole into a wall at a hotel, and the hotel stuck the con with the bill for fixing the hole in the wall. It's that and other stories that makes us as a community look bad. Just because we're there for the weekend to be ourselves doesn't mean common sense can be thrown out.

The only thing that I have to film today is the Fashion Show, which I promised I would tape to BSahpire, a long-time connection at these cons. She has moved on to bigger and better things, but she came this convention after resigning back in January. Actually, the Fashion Show went without a hitch; no technical problems here. It lasted about 20 minutes, and there were some very nice costume designs. I had posted both parts, but a participant of the show didn't want their portion of the show up on YouTube, so for now I have to go in and edit their part out which means part 2 does not exist on YT.

Either than that, it was a pretty slow day - caught some of the Rock Band Freestyle tournament, although the Gaming Room wanted me to film that instead of the Fashion Show. I filmed a bit of a Bleach photo shoot that took place across the street, and in between that a Conga Line.

By 6pm everything had shut down for Sac-Anime. I didn't leave until 7pm after everyone else was leaving, after I got in all my talks with the people I know. While the rest went out to eat, I decided to go home. After all, I was tired and I found out that I was going to work for 7 hours on Labor Day, plus I needed to start working on editing and uploading all the footage that I captured over the weekend.

Tomorrow I will post my finals thoughts on this con, as well as the lessons learned from being a first-time press member.

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