Sunday, September 28, 2008

MINI-REPORT: Sac-Con Sept. 2008

Well I just got home from dinner with the Console Game Room (CGR) staff over at Olive Garden, a smashing time with them.

Even though I worked for 6 days straight, I still found the strength to get up and actually do something instead of sit around and do nothing on my day off; so I went to Sac-Con. The first thing I learn when I get there is that there's no Masquerade for this con today since Imari and the Cosplay staff could not make it. Apparently there was a post on the forums about this, but given the fact I haven't visited the forums in awhile I didn't know. CGR was happy though, because they had more time to game without any interruption from the Masquerade. For me, it meant less pictures this time around, although I did find enough cosplayers and events to fill out the roster of today.

Like I mentioned in the Day 3 Wrap-Up video, there was another con yesterday and on Friday that focused on Sci-Fi and Horror. From what I heard, the attendance count for Sac-Con at 11am totaled the attendance for the other two days all day. I had a feeling that the last two days were an experiment and odds are won't happen again (but that's just my opinion).

So the whole entire day I found myself kicking it with the CGR crew, taking pictures around the con, catching up with people, and just relaxing myself after a hard week. I also did a bit of the Charity Auction, although the loot wasn't worth it given my interest level; I got outbidded for an Desert Eagle-looking airsoft pistol by a mother and her son, which I didn't want to happen. But since I have more than enough (most of them the real thing in terms of airsoft) I let them have it. I also won a KHII necklace, which broke off 3 minutes after I bought it. So I stripped it on both ends, hung the end parts on my camera case, and gave the remaining pieces to someone else, probably to modify for cosplay or something.

One of the highlights of the con was the Futurama and Simpsons Panel, which rocked. I was able to see the people behind these great TV franchises, and it was fun to listen in at their panel.

The con came to a quick end (it must of given there wasn't a Masquerade), and I was stuck outside waiting for the CGR staff to conclude their meeting to determine where to eat. I suggested Olive Garden, and after determining they still had their Never-Ending Pasta Bowl deal going, we all headed out there.

It was nice seeing everyone after Sac-Anime, and it was nice to hang out with them without being "stressed."

I'll guess I'll see you all in December, and if not January for Sac-Anime!

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