Monday, September 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

When I started blogging from FanimeCon back in 2007, my first ever entry into the world of convention blogging, I knew that good things could come out of these experiences. My first ever event that I covered in this blog was Sac-Con June of 2007. My first blog report from Sac-Anime was a month later in July of 2007. Since then I've covered many events and have purchased a custom domain, which shows the dedication of my efforts to give a first-hand account in near real-time if not real-time.

Sac-Anime Summer 2008 was the first time I blogged under a press badge. This was a golden opportunity to show who I am and what I can do. One of things I did is went out and purchased business cards so that I can spread the world and also give people a outlet to contact me in case they wanted material off my blog (which I have received already). The other is video coverage, and I plan expand at the next Sac-Anime in January and FanimeCon in May 2009.

I have learned a ton from having a press badge. One of them is that some people just don't want to be on a website, and that most of them can exercise their legal rights. The first person who sent me a notice told me that I didn't give her permission to be put on the blog and that the rights weren't given to me. And honestly, and won't fight back; I'll just listen and do what you say unless I can sense something more than just legal rights. I am also learning the way in which I report, which now comes in the realm of video and text blogging. I expect to provide better coverage the next time I head on out to a con.

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