Saturday, September 6, 2008

Con Report: Saturday

Day 2

Day 2 started out like every other Saturday at Sac-Anime: nice and early. By 9pm I was already near the Center, I was over at Crape Escape chowing down on a nice breakfast. I couldn't find their breakfast crapes, so I went with some pancakes, sausage, eggs, garlic potatoes, and a hearty glass of OJ. When I got there, the line was much longer for Day badges - almost 10 fold.

I started out the morning taking more pictures and video, then started off the Gaming Room with...Tetris Splash. Single player if I might add. Then again, I was sitting there for about 2 minutes in Multiplayer; no one wanted to play me, so I jumped in Single Player mode and waited for someone to join me...or for Jonas to remind me that it was for multiplayer, which I then told him "I know, I was waiting for someone to join me." Come on, I'm not going to sit there and wait, I'll quit when someone comes up to me. Eventually, someone did and I got a few rounds in. I would of joined the TS Tournament that they were doing, but given everything else I did I passed.

I decide to peak in Katie Bair's panel about building weapons and props. Given that she's the master of wigs, I wouldn't mind take a few tips from her. She's been a guest at Sac-Anime for a long as I can remember it, and she's a pretty cool gal.

The first major panel is at 12pm - the V&A Panel with Freeman, O'Brien, Riegel, Kaplan, and Spencer (who was chilling waiting out for his panel at 2pm). I set up shop in the panel room and await the start of it. I really got some good video, which most of it I have already posted, and a ton of pictures featuring the voice actors.

After the panel was over, I packed in my video equipment and waited for the Masquerade to start. Meanwhile, outside the con the masses have formed on the grass area. There was a huge Naruto gathering, although I didn't catch any of it. Instead, I caught people waving at cars that drove on H street. Eventually the crowd got a bit too far on the street and were ordered back onto the sidewalk.

By 3pm, I know that I need something to eat - the Masquerade is in two hours. So, I head to Quiznos - but the one on H Street next to Starbucks closed down (two weeks ago, according to my manager). Defeated, I go back only to realize that my parking spot is gone. Luckily, I found someone leaving and took their parking spot; I even told them. I settle for some Japanese Ramen, with a whopping 2,290mg of Sodium - 90% of the DV! No wonder it's "imported" Japanese Ramen.

I notice that a huge line is forming outside the main doorway - everyone must be jumping in for the autograph session. I pass this one, given the fact I have to set up for the Masquerade. I spend the next hour bouncing from place to place waiting for 5pm to come.

By 5pm, Dealers Room had closed and it was time to set up for the Masquerade. I ask the Cosplay staff where ACP was setting up, and they tell me to wait a bit since the person didn't arrive yet. I was hoping to piggyback off of their power to keep my camera rolling. Eventually, I find out ACP had set up shop in back, and that's where I plotted myself. Unlike last year, there were no problems getting everyone seated and whatnot, although standing room was probably the only concern, but then again it was a packed house.

If you were there at the con, there were a TON, and I mean a TON of technical problems. For one, the ones in the Masquerade didn't follow the rules of track burning; it was supposed to be a one-track burn, but some had 3-4 tracks burned which caused a headache when it came to timing. So there was a lot of standing time while the staffers figured it out.

Eventually, I ran out of juice in my battery. I was jealous of Mr. Wayne Kaa, the person from ACP who came to film everything, because he had a massive battery; he could burn for basically the whole Masquerade. I ask for his backup battery, and ask for my battery as collateral. But I find out that battery was dead, and I thank him for lending me his dead battery. So the only other thing to do is move up while the Masq is frozen. I find a seat in the front, plug everything in, and tape the rest from the front row. This means I have two different angles for the Masq - one from the back and one from the front. In all. I captured the majority of the Masquerade. I stick around for the Kung Fu Femmes performance, which dazzled me. I didn't tape because my battery was dead and my tapes were running out, but if you were there you loved it.

Despite all those problems, the Masq ended at 9pm - it's intended time. This gives me enough time to wait it out for the Poker Tournament. For the rest of the night I played some poker, although really it didn't start until about 10pm. In between the wait I got more pictures, mostly from the rave. By the time we start, we only had an hour or so before the Scottish Rite Center closed its doors for the night. I didn't win, though - I busted out on A-K against K-K on the short stack. Hey, you don't win all the time, you're going to lose a lot.

Soon it was time for me to head on home. I get home by 12:30, get everything prepared for Sunday, and then round out the night with Code Geass R2...and literally was a mindfuck after mindfuck after mindfuck, with the ending I couldn't believe. I went to sleep happy.

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