Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anime Expo 2011 vs. Club 2 the Max 2011?

So Club 2 the Max have announced their 2011 convention date: July 1-3, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center. From their press release (via Anime News Network), everything is free and will contain everything that a convention should have: panels, Dealers Hall, karaoke, video rooms, and so fourth.

Wait a minute, isn't there a convention 25 miles away during the same weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center?

What's that con called...oh yeah, Anime Expo.

This is very interesting, and this is only late September/early October. I haven't even focused on planning for FanimeCon 2011 or even Anime Los Angeles 7, let alone Anime Expo 2011 or maybe Club 2 the Max 2011.

But for a second though, let me take off my attendee hat off and put on my economic hat on. Assuming Club 2 the Max is really free, how are they going to pay for all of this? We know for sure it's not going to come from the space in the Dealers Hall; the same press release states that their prices for space will be reflective of the economy aka pretty low. I can only speculate that they might do some premium programs like the Maid Cafe breakfast/dinner and show or premium seating for the hot events like Anime Expo's preferred seating, but that alone won't cover the costs of just renting that place out let alone costs for everything associated with running a convention from security to promotional material to equipment.

Putting my attendee hat back on, the key here is the guests of honor and musical guests. Remember, Anime Expo is celebrating their 20th anniversary so we know they're going to go all out in getting top-tier guests and bands to make Anime Expo 2011 and their 20th anniversary the best Anime Expo to date. We know the people behind Club 2 the Max and their connections to the industry as well. I can expect a hot competition for name recognition, which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your point of view.

It's too early to tell which July 2011 con I'll attend, and there still a number of factors that might sway my attendance one way or another. So for now, it's wait and see while I plan for Anime Los Angeles and FanimeCon.

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  1. I attended both AX 2010 and MAX and my decision is mostly based on what I experienced at both cons.

    AX was fun with my friends but hated that I had to spend 65 + every possible ticket to events I wanted to go, also had trouble with staffers who were rude and insulting my Star Wars friends so disappointed me, and my vendor friends.

    MAX was cheap even being one day I attended the Eri Mano movie premier with Q&A with mini concert and the Whose Line is it anime cost me 15 bucks total, not too bad plus got to talk with the volunteers and Maids which was cool.

    Right now like it says it will come down to Guests but MAX right is I lean more to especially with all the problems going on with AX which is nothing new since it is now 20 yrs old, but right now MAX is now looking for volunteers so im tempted in doing that.


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