Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anime Vegas 2010 Report: Part 5 - Monday (Day Three)

Ah, the final day of Anime Vegas 2010 and my final day here in Las Vegas. Too bad I'll be home by the end of the day, but at least I can escape the heat and return to normal temperatures back in Sacramento.

Before we clear the room, clear Ryan's car, and check out, I treat Lucas to brunch at Flavors, The Buffet. Despite the inflated prices for Labor Day, it was very much worth it and I had enough to cover me at least until I got to the airport.

After checking out, I take Erica and Jared over to the hotel while Ryan and Lucas ride in Lucas' car. But halfway through the drive Lucas calls me to tell me that he left his keys in the backseat. So after dropping off the two at the Alexis Park I head back to Harrahs to give Lucas his keys.

We stand in line for Johnny Yong Bosch's autograph session, which is skirting close to the Convention Reporting Panel that Erica asked me and Ryan to be a part of. With very little time left I bolt over to set up for that panel while catching the end of her college panel.

Ryan eventually shows up, having given up on Bosch since his session was a free-for-all. Lucas stuck with it and got his Lelouch sword signed by Bosch.

The attendance for the reporting panel was about the same as our SoCal Host Club Panel at FanimeCon 2010, but again they were interested folks and both of us learned new information that will better improve this blog.

Once we got once with that panel we catch the tail end of the Street Fighter Panel, and we catch Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey headed back to the lobby to catch their flight out of Vegas. While Willingham wasn't available for an interview, he was able to sign some of Ryan's stuff and got a picture of us two with him.

My final to-do on my list was to get Vic Mignogna's autograph on my P3P box since he did Junpei. The line was moving pretty well and he had his CDs going to keep the crowd in check.

After we got done with Vic, it was time to call it for Anime Vegas. My flight was leaving in three hours, and given how busy McCarran International Airport can be especially post-Labor Day I needed as much time as I could get to get through security. But despite all that, I got through security within fifteen minutes. That gave me a long time to sit around, grab some dinner, one last drink, and some ice cream before my 7:10pm flight back to Sacramento.

I take one final glance of the Las Vegas skyline as my plane swings over the Strip on its journey back to Sacramento. By 8:30pm-ish I'm back home, completing a nearly 80 hour marathon in Las Vegas in which I got a combined 15 hours of sleep during that weekend.

-Day Three & Anime Vegas 2010 End-

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