Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anime Vegas 2010 Report: Part 3.5 - Saturday/Sunday On The Strip

Ah, my first time out on the Strip, alone, dressed as Ouran!Junpei with an attached rose that one of the Tuxedo Mask cosplayers back at the ball gave me. Thank god there are a ton of police officers at every corner, it made me feel safe even with the high volume of foot traffic on the strip.

I tour the Bellagio, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, and Bally's for some light-night gaming while having some drinks and enjoying the sights. I remember sitting at the Mini Pai Gow Poker table and someone thought I looked like Dean Martin with the blazer and rose getup, which I thought was an awesome compliment. Ironically, the comment came from another Wisconsin native attending the Wisconsin/UNLV game.

By 5am I return to the hotel room ready for Day Two...

-Saturday/Sunday On The Strip End-

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