Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anime Vegas 2010 Report: Part 4 - Sunday (Day Two)

Despite only sleeping for about three or so hours, I'm ready for Sunday. We get ready for the Code Geass Gathering and we take off for the Alexis Park once again.

However, I was late to the gathering because I had to pick up Erica and Jared from the hotel because they were eating breakfast.

I arrive back at the Alexis Park, twenty minutes late.

Thanks for Ghost and Sniper Wolf for doing the small shoot.

We had planned for a Pizza Hut lunch, and so we order two of new Big Italy pizzas they are offering. After figuring out that delivery was going to be an hour and a half, I take off to grab the pizzas. After a wild goose chase across Las Vegas in which the store that I had called didn't have my order, I get back just in time for everyone to eat.

Here's what happened: when I made the initial order to Pizza Hut, I made the order to call center and not an actual Pizza Hut. Then I find out the two Pizza Huts that we looked at did not exist, so the nearest one was off of S. Decatur Blvd, which was the one I originally called. I go and and do the usual in picking up pizza only to find out this location doesn't have my order. So I order and wait a bit more, changing into Junpei since the SMT/Persona Gathering is right after this lunch. Eventually the order is made and I grab some two-liters since I feel so bad in taking so long. I book it back to Alexis Park only to have Pizza Hut call me to figure out if I was going to pick up my order as I arrived back at the hotel. I tell them I already picked it up at another store and then proceeded to make the delivery to some hungry cosplayers.

So 1pm hits, and I'm anticipating the start of the SMT/Persona Gathering. But only the other Junpei that I saw yesterday showed up, and with not even another person here I call off the gathering very disappointed.

With everyone off to do their own thing, I noticed that McGlynn is doing another autograph session. An idea pops into my head: why don't I get the pizza bag signed by the Code Geass VAs? I ask McGlynn if she can get the rest of the Code Geass cast who shows to the Code Geass Panel to sign it, and she agrees. With that, I take off for the panel room where the Code Geass Panel will take place, and a bonus I catch the tail end of Vic Mignogna's Star Trek TOS Trivia Challenge.

Once at the Code Geass Panel, I get what I wanted. Also it was a pleasure to listen to Johnny Yong Bosch tell stories about homeless people in Los Angeles.

So after 3pm, I take off for Sally's Beauty Supply to pick up Ryan some white hairspray for the Bleach Gathering at 4pm. But I forgot his bankai sword and we call it off since I can't get back to the hotel in time for the gathering.

We kill some time before the Masquerade starts, which we decided to attend and get some good seats for recording since we're with press.

However, my stigma is that I do not attend Masquerades, but eventually I do since we're with press. But first, I hit up Jerry Jewell and Wendy Powell back at the autograph session to complete the trifecta of Envy-Lust-Greed and to get more items signed.

I actually liked the Masquerade as a whole, but there were too many dance skits especially the "let's dance off as a form of battle" skits. Dancing skits like Erica's have an exception though because those are choreographed and not that of the random variety - the "let's dance off as a form of battle." Then there was the Green Day skit (although technically they can be counted as video game cosplay from their own Rock Band video game) and the Kick-Ass skit, which was very inappropriate if you ask me.

With a two hour halftime show looming over, me, Erica, and Jared take off via taxi back to the hotel for our own night out.

-Day Two End-

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