Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SNAFUCon Announcement

Back in May, it looked really promising to go to SNAFUCon up in Reno, Nevada. Even if we didn't go as the SoCal Host Club, we could of gone as the California Conventions Blog and provided great coverage for this convention.

However, a lot of things changed between then and now. Unfortunately, there are too many personal and financial problems between myself and Ryan, so therefore we have to cancel our trip to SNAFUCon. We were really looking forward to attending in less than a month, but then event after event occurred very quickly and by the time the smoked cleared SNAFUCon took backseat to more prevalent problems that must be taken care of first before conventioning can be considered. Then there's the financial situation and the simple fact that we don't have enough money for this convention even if we went at the bare minimum. There are more important needs at the moment, and there isn't enough to fund a convention in October.

We do look forward to working with the convention in 2011, and we apologize for any mishaps that have occurred with this cancellation.

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