Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anime Vegas 2010 Report: Part 4.5 - Sunday/Monday On The Strip

Back at the hotel, me, Erica, and Jared decide to grab something to eat first over at Caesars Palace. On our way over to Caesars Palace, we find a Jack Sparrow and a Batman who noticed that we're from an anime convention, which was very awesome to note.

I order a loaded baked potato with pulled pork while Erica and Jared order some fish and chips. We talk for a bit about the convention and life in general before taking off for the Mirage.

Here, we start our own little photoshoot on the Strip.

Over the Mirage, Ryan calls us to tell us that Erica won a Masquerade award for best Solo Video Game Skit. Seeing this is Vegas, we scream out in celebration in the lobby and we get a couple of tourists like ourselves who gave their congratulations. We then proceeded to celebrate Vegas-style.

Our last stop is the Venetian, and its one beautiful hotel. I made a note to get a Ouran High School Host Club and/or Hetalia photoshoot over here one day.

While Erica and Jared take off for the hotel, I take off for Casino Royale for a bit more late-night gaming before calling it a night earlier than last night.

In all, my two nights on the Strip were very enjoyable, and I hope to do it more in the future with family and friends.

-Sunday/Monday On The Strip End-

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