Sunday, January 16, 2011

ALA 7 (2011) Report: Part 1 - Prologue

I said it even before I left Anime Los Angeles 6 back in January 2010 (as documented in the end of the this video) that I was coming back to ALA in 2011. I now consider this one of these conventions as part of my convention diet which already included FanimeCon and (now) Anime Expo. It's been a year since I met everyone and going into 2011 this was the first convention under the current staff of myself, Ryan, Zanney, Avi, and Lucas all present - Zanney and Avi joined after Anime Vegas and I did not attend PMX.

ALA 2011 was going to be a lot busier than ALA 2010 as I had a number of panels and events lined up that encompassed the whole weekend, not to mention continuing my coverage of Anime Los Angeles for the California Conventions Blog. This was also a time to bond with my comrades as well as new people that I wanted to get to know.

I have been waiting for this moment to attend ALA 2011, and the time came soon enough.

-Prologue End-

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