Sunday, January 16, 2011

ALA 7 (2011) Report: Part 2 - Wednesday/Thursday (Day Zero)

I decided to come in on the Wednesday before ALA to allow myself time to spend time my friends and comrades of the California Conventions Blog. This would be my first time spending time with Zanney and Avi as true roommates for a convention and given what had happened with Ryan and his family I thought this was a good move.

I took Amtrak, taking the same exact train and bus combination that I took for Anime Expo 2010. The only major difference was that heavy fog blanketed the whole entire Central Valley and it was until I got past the Grapevine was when the fog started to dissipate. It was pretty cool though to look out the conductor's window to see the train traveling with almost no visibility.

I arrived at Los Angeles' Union Station at 2:30pm expecting to be picked up somewhere around 3pm. Unfortunately, Ryan's troubles ran into my time here in Los Angeles and I did not get picked up until around 7:30pm. I found ways to pass time though and was hoping that everything was going to be alright. Ryan already had Avi with him when he picked me up, and it was off to Zanney's house up in Woodland Hills for the night. We made a tiny food run and also went to BJ's for some dinner.

-Wednesday before ALA End-

On Thursday we visited the local mall and shopping options for last-second cosplay items before we took off to ALA.

Once we got there I was able to check-in and received a room that was literally lobby level with a poolside deck. I also got my badge and received my evoker commission from Maguma which completed my Junpei cosplay. Now that I think of it, it's one thing to see it played out over and over again on your PS2 or PSP but it's actually frightening every time you point that evoker to your head.

After another food run, it was time to party. The ice cream social was great, and the view out of our room was even better. I also made my first run to Carl's Jr where 2 Western Chesseburgers for $5 was all I needed. We had fun with G-Force and a game of Aye, Dark Overlord; thanks for bringing that up to my room.

We call it a night early to prepare for the 1st day of Anime Los Angeles 2011.

-Day Zero End-

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