Sunday, January 16, 2011

ALA 7 (2011) Report: Part 4 - Saturday (Day Two)

With Day Two upon us, so is the SoCal Host Club/Mochi Cafe event which is the highlight of the day. Since my roommates needed to make another run, I decide to go back to Starbucks for an even bigger white mocha alongside some Burger King. I was really sad though that the barista at this Starbucks spelled "Mori" "Mory."

With the event about to start, myself and a couple of members from both the SoCal Host Club and Mochi Cafe take off to promote this event because we felt that no one was going to know that this event was going on. For the first couple of hours I'm actually out and about, using the megaphone to get everyone's attention (i.e. talking to certain gatherings before announcing the event itself) both inside and outside.

Eventually I get back inside and proceed to have a ton of fun at this event.

Photo credit goes to Aubrie Hollands
Meanwhile, Avi has my camera and takes some nice shots.

Eventually we wind down the event, and for some odd reason drama happens. Ryan elaborated on it in his review, but I will elaborate on it in a different section away from this report and review.

I remember that I have to cover Masquerade and due to this drama I have no one else except myself to cover this event. So eventually I get ready to film the Masquerade. In the meantime I remember that it's Wild Card weekend in the NFL Playoffs, so I turn on the TV to catch the end of the New Orleans/Seattle game where Marshawn Lynch had that 67-yard TD run to ice the game. Since I registered for press spots, I get to sit the left front row, prime seats to film such an event. I also had the chance to meet up with Michael Tang who sat next to me.

Despite some delays due to seating arrangements, the show goes on and I have a great time watching the skits and the Animaid Cafe performance. Besides, I had some time to listen to part of the 4th quarter of the Jets/Colts game before I decided to charge my phone back up in my room while I was at Masquerade.

At this point all the AMVs start to air while the judges deliberate, so I take off to explore the con more and to get something to eat. I come in and out of the main events hall a number of times, and I had more than enough time to spare to take some photos of the winners after the judges had decided.

Also Touhou plushies on the escalators.
However, this is still one thing to look forward to after Masquerade - Maguma's Taco Party. Long story short: we all chip in money to make a taco run at Taco Bell, person making the run orders 70 tacos at the drive-thru, and we receive 50 tacos as the other 20 goes to the runner's room.

This starts off Saturday night for me, full of parties and adventures. I didn't stay up all night, but it sure felt like it.

-Day Two End-

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