Sunday, January 16, 2011

ALA 7 (2011) Report: Part 6 - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Despite the convention being over, I'm still in Los Angeles until Amtrak takes off on Wednesday. We were supposed to spend time with Zanney on Monday, but she developed con plague, so we would see her Monday. For the time being, we hit up K1 and the local Golfland to finally start my Initial D Ver. 5 career after another mini taco party over at El Torito. I tried to get one after failing to obtain one after Anime Expo but two errors and a hour-before-closing-take-no-cards feature for IDv5, I still don't have one. However, I did get a BLANK Ver. 5 card, which will probably come in handy for renewals when the arcade is out of cards.

On Tuesday we hit up the local mall for some anime bargains then go and visit Zanney to discuss what the rest of the 2011 convention season before heading down to Little Tokyo. By the time we got there mostly everything was closed on a Tuesday so our highlight of that day was Ryan attempting the #2 Ramen Challenge over at Orochon Ramen. You're given an half and hour to finish what seems to the spiciest ramen on record. I had one taste and both of us ran for the local grocery store for some chocolate. From that, you can guess that he never made it. And then we still had a late dinner after at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, a staple of my post-convention diet.

The last thing to do was eat at Spire's before taking off back to Sacramento on Wednesday. I find this to be another staple of my post-convention diet and something that I hope we can keep doing every time I'm down in Los Angeles.

-Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday after ALA 2011 End-

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