Sunday, January 16, 2011

ALA 7 (2011) Report: Part 3 - Friday (Day One)

Friday started off for me at 8 in the morning, which gives me enough time to get ready and to head downstairs to scout the area before it got any busier.

Our view from the balcony
I enjoy my white mocha from the hotel Starbucks while exploring the convention grounds. Here I find one of my photos that I had submitted to be part of the convention wall. Overall, I had six photos that were featured.

Then I get some early shots of cosplayers.

Our first order of business is the Code Geass Gathering, the first gathering of ALA 2011.

During this time I also get in on a Vocaloid photoshoot in the hot tub.

By then the con is getting busier as everyone is coming in by noon time. This gives me the opportunity to hit up the con suite to compliment my ramen and crackers lunch.

The time is now 1pm and up next is the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Gathering.

By then it was almost time to run the two panels I was scheduled to run, so I take off to prepare for that. Unfortunately I missed Ryan's Haruhi Suzumiya Gathering because I was doing tech checks and revising the Powerpoints for the panels.

For the next two hours between three and five in the afternoon I run both the SoCal Host Club Informational Panel and the Reporting Conventions Panel. Thanks to LA Weekly for stopping by during our panel for insight. The numbers attended were around Fanime 2010 levels, but again it's the people who care that count.

There's only one thing left to do to call Friday a success: the SMT/Persona Gathering.

And with that, Friday was a success. Thanks to everyone who came out to all three gatherings - they were all great!

Friday night is now upon us, which features a huge nighttime gathering out on the pool deck, my second visit to Carl's Jr, and ordering Pizza Hut near midnight for the room. I wanted to stay up more but I needed to sleep to prepare for Saturday's SoCal Host Club/Mochi Cafe event.

-Day One End-

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