Friday, January 15, 2010

ALA 6 (2010) Report: Part 5 - Epilogue

Even before I left ALA 6 on Sunday, I knew that I would be coming back in 2011. There was certain vibe with the staff and the attendees that really never got out of Sac-Anime outside of the Gaming Room. Maybe it's the SoCal scene that I've been missing since I started to do convention coverage in 2007.

With this being the first con in a new decade, with so many things changing in over a small weekend, I feel that this may be a start of a new convention me, forgetting about all the negative past experiences, forging new friendships, and starting new adventures. The journey may have ended for this con, but I believe that this is the start of something much bigger.

Anyways, that concludes my ALA 6 report. If I don't see you all at FanimeCon or Sac-Anime (or, AX!) I will be back for ALA 7!

Thank you for reading my report.

-ALA 6 Report End-

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  1. You are totally right, the people at this con are darling. The pocket minions are tiny girls full of squee and charming, and I adore them. I may not be able to get out of work at the same time next year (I work in a college system, and my coworkers were *not* thrilled at me being gone at the start of the semester) but will battle to manage it again the year after because I'd like to visit again. ^_^


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