Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Signed Business Card & Chibi Badge, ALA 2010 Edition

As a tradition, I try to get as much Guests of Honor to sign my business card as I attempt to network. Anyways, I got three this year - Kyle Hebert, Stephen Weese, and Lauren Landa. On a side note, as I as going through the program guide to look up these names, I find Jared, Victoria, Deb, and Stan under the "Program Participants" section - they even have their own spots for autographs! The first thing I thought is "How can I get my name and bio for 2011?"

I also found the lady who I get my chibi badges from. Because of what happened with my Persona 3 uniform at FanimeCon when it didn't come in on time, I couldn't get a chibi badge of it and instead had to settle for another Ouran chibi badge which is on the 2010 edition of my business card. But finally I was able to get what I wanted over half a year ago:

I love her work, and thanks for putting out such an amazing product time and time again. That makes six chibi badges total, and I will post all six sometime soon.

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