Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ChibiCon in San Jose?


According to the SoCal Host Club (which now I am a part of), we are supposed to be at ChibiCon at Branham High School in San Jose on March 20th, a Saturday, holding another Host Club event like we did back at ALA.

The funny thing about this is that so far, my con outlook for 2010 has dramatically changed - I went to ALA instead of Sac-Anime in January, now ChibiCon in addition to Sac-Con in the month of March, and possibly skipping Sac-Anime AGAIN in favor of Anime Vegas in September since the SoCal Host Club is looking to be part of that convention as well.

For some reason, I don't feel like driving all the way up and back in one day. Since Ryan is headed up there to host, I might take the train down to San Jose, have him pick me up at the train station, we go to the con together, have him drop me off back at the train station, and take the train back up to Sacramento. Given it takes $~30 for a full tank of gas and I burn most of it with that distance, it's only about $20 more with a student discount (and another $10 for parking). The only problem is that the first train out of Sacramento that will arrive before the con starts is 5:40am, so again I have to be up early to head down there. At least the ride is 3 hours both ways, so at least I can catch extra sleep before and after the con.

I will be talking to the SoCal Host Club again to finalize this, and I will post more soon as we get closer.

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