Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fanime Review from Rukazu:

Fanime Review from Rukazu:

Well this update is a bit late, but who cares?


Got to San Fran, crossed the Golden Gate, saw Japan Town and visited the Mythbusters HQ.
Went to San Jose at 2:00 and picked up badges at 5:00.
Tested out my Austria Cosplay and hung out with Poland, Belarus, Prussia and Russia.


Fixed my Austria cosplay and taking pictures and talking to people
Switched into Lelouch for the Chess tournament from 4-6pm
Went to FLOW Concert! YAY!
Had dinner with friends
Came back and did photoshoot with Schinezel and other Geass cosplayers

Lelouch full on. Pictures and bought stuff in artist alley and dealer's hall
4:00 Geass gathering, (plan to post pictures soon)

Hetalia full on. 12:00 was Hetalia gathering, ended up running it along with my buddy Canada.
Switched to Lelouch briefly for CLAMP gathering
Switched to Japan for cosplay battle
Switched into Itachi (borrowed from roommate) briefly
Switched back into Austria for Poland and Belarus's Hetalia panel at 6:00pm
Quick dinner and went to Black and White Ball, managed to ask the Hungary at the panel for a dance.

Lelouch on last time and taking more photos
Got back to my place at 5:00 in the morning and fell asleep for two hours.

So that was what I was doing for the con. As for my thoughts, this is the first time I've been to Fanime and I have to admit just about everything was as perfect as could be. The location and the weather could not have been better. On Friday the FLOW concert made the con for me. Standing at that concert and hearing all their songs live was one of the best experiences I've had in a while. At the end they played GO! Fighting Dreamers, and hearing the solo live was crazy! And I had to remind my buddies Ryan and Matt that this was just Friday, we still had three more days of con to go. The next few days was browsing around the Artist Alley, the Dealer's Hall, taking pictures and running gatherings. Coming back though was a bit of a pain since we were not sure of the ride situation but nevertheless we still made it back here save and sound.

Overall, tiring but fun as hell! Looking forward to next year!

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