Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FanimeCon 2010 Report: Part 5 - Sunday (Day Three)

Day Three started with a tradition, but not in a traditional sense. I had to pick up a couple of people including Cosplay Cyborg from the Arena Hotel near the HP Pavilion, so I stopped by Starbucks nearby and got me my traditional Grande White Mocha, extra whip, extra shot but not in the traditional place where I would get it; when I got to the convention center, I found out Starbucks closed and Pete's Coffee opened in its place.

With much time to spare before the Hetalia gathering, we take care of breakfast and more roaming of the Dealers Hall before going down to get Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori autographs. The line was taking long, so Tom took over as we got down to the Hetalia gathering and I must say, that gathering was HUGE. It was the most fun that we ever had in one gathering, let alone the best gathering of the weekend.

Did I mention that me and Ryan cosplayed as the Philippines?

Since the Hetalia Gathering ran late, I couldn't come to the Persona Gathering but here's a couple of shots from that.

We were planning on heading down to the Cosplay Battle Pose! event at 2pm, but we all overslept from exhaustion and the heat - it got pretty hot and we were baking for an hour, just ask Lucas in his Austria cosplay. They had enough time for me to get my dream battle with Shizuo from Durarara!! and Ryan got his in with Itachi from Naruto.

3pm comes by, and its time for my favorite part of the con: the charity auction! And boy, I come home with some precious loot - a drum cover signed by LM.C, FLOW, and Halko Momoi as well as limited packaged set of "Blame Ebner" pins. There were some neat items going up for auction and I would always start the bidding but that got out of hand - for example, a sketch went for $ kidding.

With nothing else to do, I decide to help out a friend of Ryan's and at the same time put my skills in the food service industry to sell some anime merchandise over at Anime Pavilion. It was an awesome experience, and I benefited in the end (but won't mention how).

With a couple of hours left before the Gong Show, it was time for that Japanese dinner I've been thinking about. We wait for Lucas because he's finishing up the "Ask Hetalia" Panel and then he can't come because there was a promise to take a Hungary to the B&W Ball. So we head over to Rokko and have him catch up later...only to notice that they are closed Sunday (and Monday as well). So, it's down to Original Joe's for the "traditional" pasta meal with Ryan, and Lucas does catch up to us only to order out. I have myself some drinks to get loose before heading down to the Gong Show.

Man, it was fun. I was at a loss of words of the "quality" of the skits, if there were any though. Come on, I loved it when everyone walked out on "God Knows" or manhandling the guy who forgot the lyrics to "Surfin' Bird."

It's getting late, and we need to pack everything and get ourselves checked out, not to mention we still have a panel to do...

-Day Three End-

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