Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FanimeCon 2010 Report (Shiro Version): Day One

I spent most of Friday following along with the various events surrounding Halko Momoi.

That evening, I also performed in the Karaoke Contest for the third year in a row, wowing the crowd (IMHO) with a flawless rendition of "TSU BA SA" from "LUNAR: Silver Star Story".

Sadly, I didn't make it into the finals due to the rather excellent field of competitors this year. I wound up in a tie for 15th place, my highest finish to date.

I also went on somewhat of a shopping spree, taking advantage of the fully-stocked-on-the-first-day factor at the Dealer's room to snatch up nearly $300 worth of swag, including six anime DVDs, a PSP game, and a rare mint-condition Dirty Pair movie program! I also picked up some Ramune and Pocky for the road...what?! I was thirsty!

That's about it for Day One. This is Shiro, over and out!

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