Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughts on Anime Expo 2010, One Week Out

In a little more than a week now, I will be down in Los Angeles for Anime Expo 2010, my first visit to this con in over 8 years. Despite everything that has happened to this con since I started to hear all the news and "testimonies," the con on paper looks like a decent convention. They might of lost a few events to Club 2 the Max across the street on Day One, but keep in mind that Anime Expo has that same space for their dances on Days 2 and 3. Unfortunately, my Anime Expo schedule was packed prior to most of these events being announced for Club 2 the Max (i.e. "Whose Line Is It? Anime!" and the evening charity bash) and I cannot make any time to see the events. I would like to though and if somehow I do get free I will stop by.

But just because the con on paper looks like a decent convention doesn't mean the execution might play out the same way, and I hope everything goes smoothly during these four days especially during our SoCal Host Club events.

I can't believe we are a week out from AX, and I can hardly wait!

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