Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FanimeCon 2010 Report: Part 6 - Monday (Day Four)

First off, I overslept but mostly everything was packed and ready to go. The only thing I needed to do was to get the Host Club Info Panel done, but there were some other things that came up.


For the panel itself, there were only 6 people, but one of them was one of the chairs for SNAFUCon, so we answered whatever questions he had about what were going do in October. We did give everything away as we planned, and in the end I felt we got things accomplished.

A couple of Ryan's friend were abandoned after that person left due to some unforeseen circumstance and forgot to tell the two. That leaves Tom out of the loop, so what I had to do was drop him off over at the Fremont BART station and he would ride over to the Richmond station where someone else picked him up. That happened right after the Panel.

I get back in time to enjoy the last part of the convention, including lunch with Scarlet Rhapsody and taking more pictures of cosplayers -

- before loading the car and getting rid of everything that we didn't need. Since I ran out of cash, I tipped the staff one case of Red Bull and a bag full of Cup Ramen. And then we decided to sleep a bit before loading everything else.

As we load everything else up, we find out we can't fit everything in the car. So one of Ryan's friend finds a place to stay and we just take everything that we can...or so we think. Actually, one of the people that was allowing her to stay changed her mind last-second, leaving her abandoned. With no other options at hand, I take it upon myself to make sure everyone got home. I decided to take the train and as much stuff as possible, which later I found out was enough to fit everything.

Ryan beats me to my house before I got home and drops off mostly everything while I bring everything else, including the autographed drum cover and the con t-shirt I bought earlier in the day.

By 9pm, I'm back in Sacramento and done with this 120.75 hour marathon through FanimeCon. Within that marathon, I had less than 20 hours of sleep. I needed sleep, but not before all of these pictures and videos went up.

-Day Four & FanimeCon 2010 End-

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