Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Train vs. Airplane to AX, Revisited

So I had this post last month outlining taking Southwest versus taking Amtrak to Anime Expo. Then I found out Ryan was moving up to Oregon before Anime Expo and was going to pick me up on Day Zero.

Well, things have changed.

A) I took the train back up to Sacramento from FanimeCon due to everything that had happened, and enjoyed the trip up via train.
B) Ryan doesn't think the sale isn't going to go through before Anime Expo, and thus he won't be able to pick me up in Sacramento.

So again, I decided to take the train since I can take more luggage with me and might be coming back with hauls of anime merchandise. Like I mentioned before, I'm taking an empty suitcase which is going to be my merchandise suitcase on the train back. And with the price I'm paying, it sure beats having to pay for gas.

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