Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FanimeCon 2010 Report: Part 4 - Saturday (Day Two)

Saturday starts the same way Friday started - getting ready, walking around taking shots of everything I could find. There was also an interesting chat with Rob of Stage Zero during the morning and eventually it came to a video of "Stupid Rob Tricks" -

However, before I head down to the FanimeCon Fantasy RPG Theme Gathering at 11am, I had to take care of some items, like fixing the Gekkoukan patch on Junpei and getting a wooden sword for same character - thank you Chaz for providing the glue guns and to the dealer who sold me one for $10. For my expectations, it was lower than expected but still had fun and I also helped the Cosplay Department a bit since I love BSaphire so much.

By now, it's almost time to see the FLOW Q&A Session so that we can see FLOW again.

Ryan has to spend some time first getting Death the Kid from Soul Eater ready and meets me downstairs. After determining the line wasn't moving and it was past 1pm, we ditch the line in favor of waiting for the autograph session. We finally get into the Dealers Hall, where I find out people are selling Ouran wallscrolls for cheaper price with a new design, but I say to myself "I needed to secure one beforehand just in case." We also visit Artists Alley again and talk to Ejen, the author of Cosplay In America to find out when we wanted to do the interview with him.

Ryan heads down to the Soul Eater gathering while I go stand in line for the FLOW autograph session, the only autograph session available. I had in my hands Ryan's CD and my business card that I always have people sign. According to Ebner, there was to be about 10 seconds between each member if we wanted to get everyone in and while I was there I counted more than 10 seconds for even just one item. I had two and I thought I could squeeze it in if I had no other interactions than just shaking hands but they restricted it to one item. I get Ryan's CD signed and jump back in line to get my cards signed. Ryan shows up from the gathering to take my place to get my cards signed. Since the Geass gathering is about to be on soon, we had to hustle but ultimately we were late to the gathering and by then mostly everyone had left including Lucas. Luckily we got some good shots with a C.C. cosplayer including a kiss shot which made everything worth it in a way.

With the Papa Johns pizza already ordered, we went back up to the room to wait for the pizza to eat. We sit down and relax, eating the pizza and watching some of the sports offerings on TV at the time. Even though I ate the pizza, I still needed food so I had more Ramen and took my food downstairs to Stage Zero to watch the evening news.

Then we get to the FanimeCon Game Show, and I take part in the first ever public-speaking-style game where you have one minute to speak on a topic but your opponents have the ability to take the mic away if you stray off the topic. It came down to a strict game where literally if you had one "um" in your sentence we called it, and I came in 2nd place.

Ryan also got into the speed game and came in 3rd place.

I decided to make this day my "stay up all night" day. In between all that I had more Swap Meet, blowing $40 on the Stacker game when half of the time I got up to the top, Chaz's late-night PBJ run, hentai, more Rock Band, and that tarrot card reader who accurately read my life.

By 3am I crash only to again wake up at 7am...

-Day Two End-

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