Monday, July 2, 2007

CBox, plus more on Sac-Anime

So, the forums have this thing now called a CBox, a little chat code that enables us to talk within the forums. It's pretty cool since I use it a lot since they put it up on the site. So I decided to put one on the blog (both blogs) so that the same thing can happen, and I think it makes it easier to leave comments.

Speaking of Sac-Anime, it's coming up pretty soon. And as I get ready, more information is coming to me about what I'm doing. For one, I can't cosplay while I'm on the job staffing. That's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It's bad because I can't cosplay, but it's good because then I won't be wearing my Ouran uniform and the holsters the whole entire time. It's one thing to wear the uniform 24/4 at Fanime when it's about 70 degrees, but we're talking a Sacramento summer. For god's sake, it's going to be 103 4th of July and 106 the following day! At least then I'll be able to get a breather from my cosplay, even if I am wearing back when I work.

I put in 53 hours of work for this paycheck, so I should be able to cash in a nice paycheck. Then I also remembered that my birthday is the week after, so I might be able to spend a bit more then recover with those funds. Plus, there's another paycheck coming that week too, a week before I go to Los Angeles in the end of July.

July is going to be hectic, just as I like it during the summer.

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