Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, End of Day 2

It is 12:26AM Sunday morning, and we just closed down Day 2. A much better day indeed.

It started when I went to cosplay chess. I must say, it was a very fun. Unforunately, I was last man standing for the white team, leaving me to protect the king - InuYasha - alone. I was taken out by a Wii-mote and then everything ended.

The highlight of my day is when I got a chance for Crispin Freeman to sign my badge and the Haurhi Suzumiya pencil board. He even took my silver Sharpie to use for future signatures. I hope he brings it back tomorrow.

The majority of my day - since I am staffing - is peace bonding. But after that, it was off to the rave to hang out.

Day 3 - the last day - includes the huge Q&A and the Masquerade, which I am in. Odds are, I will post when I get home. BTW, I have to work tomorrow on Monday in the morning. Fuck.

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