Sunday, July 22, 2007

Into The Blue

There was something that I wanted to do at Sac-Anime that I did today - jump into a pool after a long day of work.

After work, I went to family birthday party. The first thing I did was say hi to everyone before taking a quick dip in the pool. Oh man that felt good, even if I only swam for about 15 minutes.

At Sac-Anime, I wanted to so jump into that pool that was near everything, but I never did. It would of been nice to wind down after con with a splash at the pool. Maybe I should of taken some time out to go to the poolside gathering...

In other news, I'm waiting on Bart to write up his report, so once that comes up I will put that under the "Reports/Gallery" section. And there's still 170+ days until Sac-Anime January 2008, which will be back at the Scottish Rite Center. It's for three days, Jan. 11-13. And yes, I will be staffing there again.

Edit: Check that, Bart has his gallery up, and write up is in progress.

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