Sunday, July 29, 2007

Forum Drama

The one time I decide to visit the Sac-Anime forums during my trip to LA, I see all this forum shit going down involving Bart and just about everyone else. And from what I read, I couldn't even put together a real response in the forums; it's going to have to wait until I get back on Monday. But from what I saw I just shook my head and went "What the fuck is going on?"

Then I tried calling him in the afternoon and the evening during the poker tournament (which I went out early), and someone else picked up, playing off like this wasn't his number and that there was no George. Now, how can that be when I just left him a message on his voice mail which was him? Either he's trying to lay low and pretend that he's not there to avoid any more trouble, or someone else picked up and was fucking with me.

I swear to god, I just want to fucking hit all of them over the head for all the shit that they're causing, especially when I'm I said, I would love to respond, but I just can't anything together for a response, not when I'm down here.

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