Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fanime 2008

To be honest, after I found out after everything that had happened at Anime Expo 2007 down in Long Beach I thought to myself "Let's show these GoH what Fanime is really about."

Because if you haven't heard, there was a ton of GoH mistreatment by AX staff and volunteers, and problems such as no hotel to backed-up lines for events (not to mention the delays and/or canceled ones) to audio/visual technical problems to and everything in between. If you went to AX, you'd probably encountered one of these horror stories.

Now, I didn't go to AX, and I don't plan on going in 2008. Yeah, the LACC? It was good for E3, but not for a con that basically runs 24/4 in an area that is virtually unsafe at night and no hotels within a 1/2 mile radius of the center. But just by reading the posts and watching the videos, I can see how bad AX '07 was.

I'm not saying "Let's get everyone who was dissatisfied with AX to Fanime," but it would be nice to really show that Fanime is truely "By Fans, For Fans."

Many say that Fanime was better than Anime Expo this year, and since I didn't go to AX I can't say anything. But still, I wonder how these two will stack up next year.

Banner Update: With the new site for Fanime '08 coming up soon, I will be changing the banner to reflect the new year - and another con.

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