Monday, July 16, 2007

My Apology

I posted this on the Sac-Anime forums tonight, and I wanted to post this there...

As part of the security staff and the head of peace bonding (I was at the table for the majority of the time), I would like to apologize personally for any problems that may have occured during the process of peace bonding.

I tried to make peace bonding as quick as possible, and I know that many people were angry with the policy but the rules are rules. I was lucky that I allowed people to carry keyblades and other weapons that didn't come with a sheath or a sling, but if it was live steal or a gun then the policy was that it had to be peace bonded to you.

I also did security detail for some events and at the end of the con when we grouped everyone together so that security could have a better check on everyone that was still there and was waiting to be picked up. If you recalled, I was doing my part during cosplay line-up for Masquerade when I told everyone to line-up against the wall and making sure that the aisles were clear so that they didn't pose a fire hazard. If I was rude to you when telling you to clear and make a straight line, I apologize. At that point at the con, everyone was just trying to get everything together so that Masquerade could go on and we could all go home after that.

Despite all of that, many were pleased with the job that I did with peace bonding. After all, my job is to make sure that no one feels threatened and gets hurt while at the con, while at the same time allowing cosplayers to be what their character is. Even everyone got my jokes when I tried to peace bond items that weren't really weapons - like roses for Ouran characters, wands, Death Notes, and even the box that contained Jenova.

If you have any futher concerns about peace bonding and/or anything that I did over the weekend, you may contact me via AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, or e-mail. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability.

I would like to thank BSaphire, Dan, and the rest of the staff for allowing me to work with all of you, and to serve all the fans with the best service I can. I would also like to thank Crispin Freeman, Spike Spencer, Chris Patton, Voltaire, Lisa Furukawa, Eurobeat King, and everyone else who attened this con. For me, this is my hometown con and I would go to hell and back for this con. I have been going since 2005, and I will continue to attend and staff at future conventions.

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