Sunday, July 15, 2007

End of Day 3, The End of the Con

(Before I get started...right after I posted the last blog, Spike Spencer wanted to use the business center computer to send some e-mails. I said ok, and I let him use it. As I came back to Masquerade, I asked him "Are you e-mailing your agent?" He said, "You can call it that.")

After 60 hours of being at the Con, the journey finally ended when I got home. Luckly, I have enough time to be on here and blogging before I have to go to sleep so that I can recover and go to work in the morning.

I went up after intermission, and I did a good perfomance. Unforuntately, it wasn't enough to win any awards. Eh, I was disappointed, but one day my time will come.

After that, I helped close the con up and do some last minute things before finally heading home about 9ish.

My full report will be up later in the week, sightings too as well.

But all I can say for now is "Mission accomplished."

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