Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Official Sac-Anime Summer 2007 Report

The journey began for me at 9-10 AM, when I arrived at the Red Lion Inn. I was fully packed and waiting to check-in to the room that I was going to be in. But since my friend George aka Bart wasn't arriving until 11, I decided to help out and get registration ready. Once 11 hit, I went to go pick up Bart, drive him back to the hotel, and he checked in. I got everything up to my room before 12, which was when the staff meeting was going to be held. I stayed for a bit because I was needed at peace bonding, which would be my home for the majority of the con. So from 12:15PM to god knows when (I think it was like 9ish) I sat at that table and worked and worked and worked. Then about 5:30PM I was relieved so that I could go attend the Ouran gathering in the lobby. While there wasn't that many of us (and no Haruhi, she didn't show up until Saturday), we had fun and we all ate cake & drank tea (although I passed since I had 8 bottles of Powerade to work with). Once that was over, I went back to change and see the Dealers Room for a bit before heading back to finishing off the evening. After that, I went to the Green Room (the place where all the staffers could hang out) to eat before heading back down to cover some more. While I was in the lobby, someone had told me that Crispin Freeman was here eating over at the hotel restruant. So after pretending to do security work, I talked to him for the first time, shaking his hand and greeting him to Sac-Anime. Of course, after that I got all giddy because I had just met Crispin Freeman. I would cover at the rave for a bit before turning in everything I had with me for the night.

Saturday started for me at 7:30AM, so for the most part I only had 5 hours of sleep when I planned to be awake for 18+ hours. I did more peace bonding that morning before heading down to Cosplay Chess. Now, for an event that was supposed to be held indoors (it was held outdoors), the event went pretty well the first time. This is where I met for the first time Eurobeat King, one of the most famous cosplay photographers (and does cosplay himself on the side). He took my picutres, and my they came out good. After that it was back to peace bonding until the Masquerade tech meeting. I went there knowing that I would know the order of skits, but when I found out we wouldn't know until tomorrow, I left go to back to work. I was there from about 3PM to 8PMish, but I took a break to go get something to eat, check out Dealers Room again, and to go check out Artist Alley. There I got me a Chibi Badge courtesty of Katie (I think that's her name). The funny thing is that halfway through her sketch, I threw her a $20 and told her to keep the change, since it was $16 for the badge. After I closed peace bonding, I went go to cover the rave again for the majority of the evening, but not after having some fun in the Hot Yaoi Night session. I won me a nice art drawing for $5 and I had some fun with the ladies (and a guy, lol). I was going to be part of the Bingo game, but I got called down to rave and that's where I was. After that, it was off to bed and into Sunday.

Sunday was "my free day" since I worked my ass off to get this day free. But I did work some more in the morning, but it was at 9AM. At 11:30AM, I went to go security work for the Q&A panel for Crispin Freeman, Spike Spencer, and Chris Patton. Needless to say, that was the big highlight of this con. After the panel session was over, I was able to get more autographs, hand shakes, and even a picture of me and Crispin which I am still waiting on at this moment. About 2PM, an hour before Masquerade check-in for the show, I finally sat down and had a nice meal in the lounge. Needless to say, I was chillin'. Once then, it was off to Masquerade...but not after trying to get people in a straight line against the wall to prevent a fire hazard. There were some delays, but the show got on the road. I was #20, and I had a blast doing my skit. Sure, I didn't win anything (even though I was kind of disappointed) but my time will come. After that, I was asked to clear out the hotel and cover at places and do various odd jobs. Finally, at 9:15PMish Sunday, I was dismissed for the con. I was able to go home with my haul and my memories.

60+ hours at the con, and only 12 hours of sleep. Yeah, that works out pretty well.

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